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6/22/08 02:36 pm - taylor_redman - Delete if off topic

So I made a nice vid for the contest.

Voting begins June 25th!

Invite your friends to rate your video at http://rhapsodyextras.com/wanted between 6/25/08 and 6/30/08. The 10 "Wanted" video mash-ups with the highest ratings will win a "Wanted" CD and be eligible for the final Grand Prize judging and Danny Elfman will select a winner!

Please, try to vote for my video called 'By Taylor_Redman' at


You can ask all your friends and relatives to do that too,
Thank you kindly. :)

3/15/08 01:25 pm - taylor_redman

Thanks for adding me! :) Tha-anks. 

1/26/06 10:25 pm - crackedwraith - Who's goin' down?

Wow, I am such a bad, bad mod. No activity since last August! Clearly we need some direction. Fic prompts didn't work. Anyone have any suggestions?

Also -- welcome to our two newest members! I'm not sure why you wanted to join such a dead comm, but we're glad to have you. ;)

5/1/05 10:40 am - crackedwraith - Mod Post and Writing Challenge 4

So, er, I appear to have been an incredibly lazy mod; there's really no excuse for it. School has been beating me upside the head lately. Has everyone's fic-writing ceased or something? Remember, you can post fic, slashfic, poetry... nearly anything you like, whatever rating...

*barks WRITE! POST! in a threatening kind of way*

Oh, and I redid the community layout. It doesn't suck so much now. And, in a feeble attempt to liven things up:

Writing Challenge 4
Danny comes across a surprising object in a friends' home. What is this object, and how does it relate to he and the owner?

Yes, I'll go hide in my corner now. Resume the vegetable throwing.

11/25/04 10:58 am - crackedwraith

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American members! ^_^

(Plot bunny to everyone: What do you suppose Danny and Tim do on Thanksgiving?)

11/18/04 02:21 pm - rulinian - Er.

I apologize for the tiny, tiny, tiny and short post and feel free to delete this if I'm breaking some rule, but ...

This. What does it make you think of?

Not work safe, no.

Plotbunniesduckies, anyone?

11/2/04 01:10 am - lone_gunfreak

- what do you think would've happened to Oingo Boingo if Danny never got into film scoring? I can see it both ways - going on longer, and stopping much sooner ... with it going on longer - Danny says it was the right time to quit the band, but having a regular job already probably made it easier to make that decision. If he had no film-scoring to fall back on, he might have stayed with Boingo longer because it didn't need to compete with his film work. on the other hand, Danny seems prepared to stop what he's doing when it no longer works for him - the Mystic Knights were going stong and very sucessful when he broke them up because he wasn't enjoying it anymore - maybe having no alternate career would make Danny get tired of the band (and bandmembers) sooner. it might be an interesting AU, I dunno. at least, I'm interested in what people think Danny would move onto after Boingo if he never got into composing. maybe he'd go into nuclear physics after all

- random video-comments ... in "Little Girls", there's a scene (about a minute in) where Danny is restrained by a bunch of arms (hard to tell if they're male or female). wonder who the lucky person is who has their arms around his waist, hands over his groin ...

the horn-section severed head scene in "Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me" looks like it must've been fairly uncomfortable to film (I'm assuming they did it the way that kind of thing usually gets shot - with the "decapitated" person sitting under the table with their head poking out through a hole. and three people doing it at once ...)

- in the Farewell video, what the hell are Danny and John saying when they're boxing each other/chasing each other around?

10/6/04 07:44 pm - temima - Plot bunnies for a good home

Plot bunnies to adopt:

Hell houses: have you heard of them? Inspired by Repilian Samurai's story of SuperElfman avenging his good name by destroying Blender Magazine. Well, he decides to save Halloween from the clumsy and cruel moralism of the Hell Houses. However, he gets distracted a lot. Get in as much help as you need, maybe even his 'good Christian boy' act he used to scam food from missionaries.

Clive Barker apparently gushed about Danny in some interviews around Nightbreed. What was it like? Hell, write Clive/Danny. Please?

Forbidden Zone/Rocky Horror crossover. Yea or nay?

Oh, and one more: Steve dies, and Danny cannot find another arranger that will make him happy. So, he turns to the services of Dr. Herbert West to resurrect Steve. However, things do not go smoothly.
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