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- what do you think would've happened to Oingo Boingo if Danny never got into film scoring? I can see it both ways - going on longer, and stopping much sooner ... with it going on longer - Danny says it was the right time to quit the band, but having a regular job already probably made it easier to make that decision. If he had no film-scoring to fall back on, he might have stayed with Boingo longer because it didn't need to compete with his film work. on the other hand, Danny seems prepared to stop what he's doing when it no longer works for him - the Mystic Knights were going stong and very sucessful when he broke them up because he wasn't enjoying it anymore - maybe having no alternate career would make Danny get tired of the band (and bandmembers) sooner. it might be an interesting AU, I dunno. at least, I'm interested in what people think Danny would move onto after Boingo if he never got into composing. maybe he'd go into nuclear physics after all

- random video-comments ... in "Little Girls", there's a scene (about a minute in) where Danny is restrained by a bunch of arms (hard to tell if they're male or female). wonder who the lucky person is who has their arms around his waist, hands over his groin ...

the horn-section severed head scene in "Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me" looks like it must've been fairly uncomfortable to film (I'm assuming they did it the way that kind of thing usually gets shot - with the "decapitated" person sitting under the table with their head poking out through a hole. and three people doing it at once ...)

- in the Farewell video, what the hell are Danny and John saying when they're boxing each other/chasing each other around?
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