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Mod Post and Writing Challenge 4

So, er, I appear to have been an incredibly lazy mod; there's really no excuse for it. School has been beating me upside the head lately. Has everyone's fic-writing ceased or something? Remember, you can post fic, slashfic, poetry... nearly anything you like, whatever rating...

*barks WRITE! POST! in a threatening kind of way*

Oh, and I redid the community layout. It doesn't suck so much now. And, in a feeble attempt to liven things up:

Writing Challenge 4
Danny comes across a surprising object in a friends' home. What is this object, and how does it relate to he and the owner?

Yes, I'll go hide in my corner now. Resume the vegetable throwing.
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Proving, once again, that perversion can transfer through the computer screen... I dunno, but maybe it's the same reason I'm the only one who posts?