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The Dannyfic Community

9/29/04 04:16 pm - crackedwraith - Hello and a howdy...

Question: Why do you think composers are, for the most part, written as insane (or just bonkers)? What is it about the craft?

9/6/04 02:55 am - crackedwraith - Heat

Title: Heat
Rating: G
Summary: Concert rehearsal, and it's too hot. Inspired by, what else, hot weather.
Disclaimer: Just a meaningless drabble, really. No offense is intended, no copyright is pushed, and if you sue - the people in my head will be very angry.

Heat.Collapse )

8/29/04 01:09 am - crackedwraith - Writing Challenge 3

The Aftermath Challenge

So, what did the gang get up to, after a high-energy show like theirs? Do they all troop off to Denny's, or go to Danny's house and watch monster movies? The sky's the limit, as usual, for what ya can do. :D

EDIT30/08/04: I've updated the info in the community profile, mostly to accomodate the new writing challenges. There's nothing really new there, for all our "seasoned veterans," but newbies might wanna have a look.

8/25/04 12:36 pm - macabre_bohemia

I think Elfman fanfiction has eaten my brain, too...

Anyways, here's my fic. Actually, I kinda lost some sleep over this fic, since I wasn't sure if Danny was in character or not. I know something of his character but I know not the true extent of his wild and crazy habits. But, I hope you all see the clever pun on Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

Disclaimer: These cool kids are my very own creation, and Peter, etc. Oingo Boingo and Danny Elfman are not mine.

Lara, Sara, and BarrettCollapse )

8/22/04 04:03 pm - temima

Found a fanfic. Haven't read it all the way.

Chapter 1
Chapt er 2
Chapter 3, part 1
Chapter 3, part 2
Chapter 2, part 3
Chapter 3, part 4
Chapter 4

8/14/04 11:23 am - crackedwraith - Writing Challenge 2

The Road Challenge

We've heard people talk about those crazy stories of Oingo Boingo on the road. Danny swerving the car to keep people on their toes (or just to amuse himself), people tearing the wheel from his fingers - but what else happened on the road? What would happen if the car broke down, for instance...? In the middle of nowhere, the middle of the city - you decide! ^_^

No word limit, no nothing - write whatever comes to mind. (I know those are dangerous words for some of you, but we all need to be scared sometime in our lives. ;)

7/14/04 02:58 pm - mystiqueoct20 - Greetings~

Greetings Elfmaniacs! :)

It's so good to see that there is another Elfman community, I have a elfman community myself


and I'm also a maintainer of the

_oingoboingo_  community so you can join those if you want...



7/11/04 05:32 pm - crackedwraith - A short drabble.

Title: Going Out Loudly
Rating: PG
Summary: Just before the Farewell concert, Danny reflects.

Going Out Loudly.Collapse )

7/9/04 07:10 pm - javaviolet

Hi. I just joined this group out of my devotion and love for Mr.Elfman.

I sadly, don't have any fanfic to offer. Every time I have tried to create a work of fan fiction, it has turned a bit on the *naughty* side. **wink** **wink**
And I don't want to impose my X-rated works on anyone. There might children around, after all ;)

With that said, I hope that I can be the fly on the wall of the group, who reads everyone's delightful stories, and give my two cents in every now and again.

7/8/04 10:36 pm - reaperfox - ^_^

Why a hello and a howdy, guys.

I don't have any finished Elfman fiction, but I thought you might like this little thing I started writing for a competition years ago. It was 'what if Danny and Jack Skellington somehow met'. Danny himself found a lot of parallels between his rising disinterest in Boingo and Jack's lack of interest in Halloween... so I worked on that. It's not finished, but here y'go.

Danny awoke with a start...Collapse )

I also had this paragraph in my mind from later in the story. Jotted it down but never wrote far enough to include it:

If it is at all possible for a world painted in a pallet of greys to darken, such happened now, as Jack Skellington turned his back on Danny. "I thought I knew you," he said, his voice distant and morose. He took a step forwards, away from where Danny stood, away from the real world. "I suppose I was wrong."

Also, do you accept poetry? :)

Anyway, hi guys!
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