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You Really Got Me

The Dannyfic Community

The Danny Elfman Fanfiction Community
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Hi all -- this is a community that centers around Danny Elfman fanfiction, as well as fic that has anything to do with Oingo Boingo or Tim Burton (as most of us are a fan of his work too). I'm crackedwraith, and I'll be your friendly Mod through this journey into insanity. ^_^

This group accepts any fiction or poetry (or nearly anything) with any rating, from G to NC-17 and X, and accepts slash and het, but asks you to lj-cut the fic, no matter the length. (To find out how to do a lj-cut, an explanation is in Livejournal's FAQ at the top of this screen.)

You can also discuss Danny and company, comment on something weird centering around the Elfmeister on the internet, have paintball wars with Britney fans, or do whatever the hell you want. It's open.


1. Flamers will have their posting abilities taken away, and they will never get these abilities back. You are hereby warned.

2. We dabble in fiction, but we do not know the orientation of any of these people. Do not press an orientation as fact. (Today's folks are fond of lawsuits, and we are but poor writers, remember. Well, some of us are poor.)

3. Please, no ads for other communities. If you want to post a URL to a Danny/Tim or Oingo Boingo or whatever-related site, that's fine, as long as it's related to our group subject matter. If you do post an ad, we'll ask that you take it down or we'll simply mock your reading skills. Capiche?

4. If you want to share a photo with us, which is always a nice thing to do, we ask that you please host it on your own website, or that you set up a Photobucket account. Direct-linking will be frowned upon, and is an actual crime - that be bandwidth theft, yarr.

5. Writing Challenges, when posted: the responses, if longer than a sentence or two, should be posted in a seperate entry. The length is totally up to the writer, of course, from a few words to infinity. Any writing, pairing, etc... have fun.

6. Savvy? Yes? Good!

Rules and info aside, one reminder to our members: have fun. ^_^