Tara (temima) wrote in dannyfic,

Plot bunnies for a good home

Plot bunnies to adopt:

Hell houses: have you heard of them? Inspired by Repilian Samurai's story of SuperElfman avenging his good name by destroying Blender Magazine. Well, he decides to save Halloween from the clumsy and cruel moralism of the Hell Houses. However, he gets distracted a lot. Get in as much help as you need, maybe even his 'good Christian boy' act he used to scam food from missionaries.

Clive Barker apparently gushed about Danny in some interviews around Nightbreed. What was it like? Hell, write Clive/Danny. Please?

Forbidden Zone/Rocky Horror crossover. Yea or nay?

Oh, and one more: Steve dies, and Danny cannot find another arranger that will make him happy. So, he turns to the services of Dr. Herbert West to resurrect Steve. However, things do not go smoothly.
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